So thankful to our many classmates who made donations to help defray the costs of our 50th Reunion. Many are made in memory of our Deceased Classmates. If known I’ve tried to list. (PS: I’m not much of a webmaster… anyone with skills contact me.)

Donations via credit card can be made by clicking on this link:

Or if you prefer to send a check to:
Sandy Siegfried
201 Cochise Trail
Hutchinson, KS 67502

Platinum Sponsors – $1000
Rod and Pam (Showalter) Calhoun

Gold Sponsors – $250
Connie (Lett) Davidson ($500)
Tom Black ($500)
John Jones
Tim Cranor
Mike Roberts

Silver Sponsors – $100
Steve Harper
Clark (Bevan) Reid
Dennis Williams
Sue (Hunt) Carlton
Don Garwood -($200) – (Mark Ebel & Fred Lager)
Chris (Bornholdt) Armstrong
Linda Lilja
Mike Schaffter – (Wade Hogan & Bob Griffith)
Sandy (Jackson) Siegfried & Connie (Pearce) Whalen – (Jane Anderson Missildine)
Ann (Clark) Sturgeon – (Ken Kirk & Howard Myers)
Trudy Stucky – (Scott Humiston)
Steve Billings – (Jerry Clark)
Debbie (Charter) Foss
Becky (Ewing) Cole – (Jane Anderson)
Dennis Perrin ($200) – (Wade Hogan, Steve Nevius, Mike Dodge, & Pat Hayes)
Kim & Rich Hunter
Gary Wells – (Steve Goering and Pat Hayes)
Nancy Ward
Jan Gimar
Melanie (Hartl) Vogts
Mike Thayer (Jerry Clark & Wade Hogan)

Patron Sponsors
Darene Street
Sandra (Martinez) Bell
Linda Kelly
Duane Carey
Susan (Krehbiel) William
Kathleen (Smith) Sheppard
David Branton
Mike French
Marcella (Shook) Kille
Ron & Brenda (Miller) Shaffer
Vicki Arnett
Nancy Dufek
Kim (Carter) Witt
Beth (Cushing) Russell
Mark Sanders
Phyllis (Guettsche) Richardson
Shirley (Grossardt) Wintamute
Mick Ballard
David Dillon
Sharon (Hawkes) Bailey
Kathie (Judd) Heibert-Dodd
Rick Krafels
David Upp
Roger VanNatta
Scott Piper
Janet Rose
Beth (Root) Davis
Becky (Greenert) Aguilar
Donna (Green) Tout
Rick Magie
Myron Harris
Jeanie (Wade) Nagle
Robert Mart
Jeanie (Allen) Schmidt